The Northeastern Monthly 2006.03

நூலகம் இல் இருந்து
தாவிச் செல்ல:வழிசெலுத்தல், தேடுக
The Northeastern Monthly 2006.03
நூலக எண் 43028
வெளியீடு 2006.03
சுழற்சி மாத இதழ்
இதழாசிரியர் -
மொழி ஆங்கிலம்
பக்கங்கள் 28



  • Editorial- Tamils should ensure they are not outfoxed by intrenational community
  • Geneva talks - How the state presents it and the other side of the picture
  • Displacement- UN humanitarian office plays politics with the lives of Jaffna displaced
  • Issues- Unless government changes its thinking, prospects of peace bleak
  • Media- Rumsfeld gets media on board for War on Terror
  • Politics- Disarming Karuna and what it means
  • Conflict- Tamil perspective on negotiating peace in SL
  • Security- The military dimension of resttling in the Jaffna HSZs
  • Human rights- Bobby Sands and Britain's own Gitamo, 25 years on
  • Negotiations- Govt, co-chairs, India to hold Tigers to CFA and wage shadow war against it
  • Cover picture- Kilinochchi Central College converted into a welfare camp to house Jaffna IDPs
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