The Northeastern Monthly 2004.06

நூலகம் இல் இருந்து
தாவிச் செல்ல:வழிசெலுத்தல், தேடுக
The Northeastern Monthly 2004.06
நூலக எண் 43423
வெளியீடு 2004.06
சுழற்சி மாத இதழ்
இதழாசிரியர் -
மொழி ஆங்கிலம்
பக்கங்கள் 28



  • Editorial- Using human rights to trap Tigers on sole representation and ISGA
  • Region- Indianising Marx: the virtues of parliamentary democracy in India
  • Letters- Democracy, minority rights, religious tolerance in SriLanka-my foot!
  • Opinion- Murali's ancestors could have been driven out as kallathonis
  • Comment- CBK uses Karuna in long-term plan against Tamils
  • Cover Story- AG's double game with the missing promotes impunity in army
  • Opinion- Sole representative or soul's representative
  • Arts- Vadamody kooththu and reformulation of Batticaloa's community theatre
  • Close Encounters- Japs demonstrate cult of suicide bombing in Trincomalee
  • Opinion- Northern perspectives on the Tamil homeland
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