Ramanathan of Ceylon the Life of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan

நூலகம் இல் இருந்து
தாவிச் செல்ல:வழிசெலுத்தல், தேடுக
Ramanathan of Ceylon the Life of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan
நூலக எண் 4629
ஆசிரியர் Vythilingam, M.
நூல் வகை வாழ்க்கை வரலாறு
மொழி ஆங்கிலம்
வெளியீட்டாளர் -
வெளியீட்டாண்டு 1977
பக்கங்கள் 758



  • Preface - M.Vythilingam
  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • Preface
  • The Triumphant Return
  • The Governor is not the King's Representative
  • The Ceylonese
  • Excise Reform
  • Ramanathan and National Culture Translation of the Bhagavadgita
  • The Supremacy of the Legislature the Independence of the Judiciary
  • Excise Question Reopened
  • Our Firt Great Socialist
  • Reopening of the Northern Ports
  • Riots
  • Riots Speecees
  • President - Thiruvalluvar Maha Sabai Madras
  • Abolition of the Poll Tex
  • Educated Ceylonese Member - Second Term
  • Piligrimage to the Kataragama Temple
  • Impeachment of H.L.Dowbiddin
  • Ramanathan and Constitutional Reform
  • Parameshvara College
  • G.O.M.
  • Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam
  • Father of the Hindu Board of Education
  • Malayan Visit
  • Ramanathan and the Ceylon National Congress
  • Ramanathan and the University Question
  • Golden Jubilee of Political Life
  • I Believe
  • Donoughmore Constitution
  • The End
  • Bibliography
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