Journal Of The Royal Asiatic Society Of Sri Lanka 1981

From நூலகம்
Journal Of The Royal Asiatic Society Of Sri Lanka 1981
Noolaham No. 4573
Issue ஜனவரி 1981
Cycle மாதாந்தம்
Editor -
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 227

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  • Cultural Renaissance A lessor Known Pioneer, Ven Piyaratna Tissa Maha Thera
  • History as Polemics and Propaganda: an Examination of Fernando de Queiros History of Ceylon - Tikiri Abeysinghe
  • The Auspicious Symbols that Adorned the Octagonal Moument in the Permises of the Paciatissa Pabbata Vihara at Anuradhapura - B.Karunaratna
  • Mysterious and Elegant Urinal Stones - Pinna Indorf
  • Beliefs and Observances of the Sinhalese Associated with Birth - N.D.Wijesekara
  • Extenal House Decoration at Kathiraveli, Eastern Province - Thilo W.Hoffmann
  • Suba - Asuba Symbolism in Sinhala Culture - B.Disanayaka
  • Some Aspects of Records Pertaining to Land Owenership in Sri Lanka 1800 - Berugoda
  • Merlin Peris - Greek Motifs in the Jatakas
  • Book Reviews
  • Annual Report for 1979
  • Report to the Council on the Balance Sheet as at 31.12.79
  • Honary Treasurer's Report for 1979
  • Balance Sheet as at Dec.1979
  • Report of the Quditor
  • General Expences and Government Accounts
  • Anual Report 1980 - 82
  • Publication added to the Library
  • Members Admitted
  • Abstracts of Proceedings