Economic Review 1997.01

From நூலகம்
Economic Review 1997.01
Noolaham No. 10714
Issue January 1997
Cycle மாத இதழ்
Editor -
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 33

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  • Overview: Higher Education in Sri Lanka - Need for Reform
  • Dichotomy in Higher Education and Development
  • University Education Reform - Professor Visva Warnapala
  • Evolution of the University System of Sri Lanka and its Current Status - Professor S.Tilakaratna
  • University Education in Sri Lanka: Some Problems and Required Changes - Professor W.D.Lakshman
  • Admission Policy and its Relation to background of Students entering Universites - Dhanapali Kottachchi
  • Higher Education Objectives in a National Perspective - A.S.Jayawardana
  • What Employers look for in University Granduates - Chandra Gunawardena
  • Technological Universities: The run up - Professor Ariyadasa de Silva (University of colombo)
  • Universities in Developing Countries: Concept and Challenges - Professor S.Tilakaratna
  • Exchange Rate and Inflation: Causality Tests for Sri Lanka - Nelson Perera